Style File: US Championship Kits

Winning a US Championship in any sport comes with a lot of honor, prestige and responsibility. When a rider like Jeremy Powers wins the US CX Championships, he becomes the face of the United States in a sport that is loved world wide. Doning the stars and stripes for a year is a tremendous role to take on that comes with added pressure. But, and I’d say this equals it all out, you have the opportunity to rock a very sweet custom kit. 

All the national champions get the chance to wear their country on their kits, but US riders tend to really show it off. And they should. We have an awful lot to be proud of, and the accomplishment of winning our National Championship is a the achievement of a live time. But that is no excuse not to look good. Some have won our colors well, like Dave Zabriskie’s “Captain America” Time Trial champ skin suit. George Hincapie’s older National Champ jersey, however, was rather uninspired, don’t you think?

One of the best, it should be mentioned, was Georgie Gould’s kit from Luna Bars. Stylish, simple yet eye-catching, and plenty of room for the sponsors to get their pub without compromising the flag. That is, I believe, what all of these kits are going for.

What is your favorite US champion kit?

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