Barry-Roubaix Recon: Einstein Racing’s Jon Dub-Nine

Jon “Dub-Nine” Wlodarczak is a fast bike rider. He’s a rouleur in the purest sense of the word, a skill set that lends itself to more types of terrain than one might initially think. The Barry-Roubaix is not about power or stamina, but power with stamina. One good, hard hour is useless if you haven’t got the legs to stay away on the fast pavement run in to the line. And all the light, spritely climbers have a tendency to get reeled right back into the bunch on the descents. That’s why Dub-Nine’s Garmin data is invaluable for dissection purposes.

Last year, he turned in a 22nd place in the Men’s 30-34 35 mile class with a time of 2:00:22. On Sager Road, he had the 7th best recorded time on Strava at 5:57, averaging just under 11mph for the climb. It’s a solid ride on a very tough ascent, but one that he hopes to improve upon.

Jon’s Garmin information from 2011, which you can access in full here, shows some great information for riders new to the race. Very broadly, a 2:00 race means a rider has to be averaging about 17.4mph. In order to do that while average speeds in the very low teens on the climbs, the average speed on flats and descents is very fast. You won’t win on the climbs, but you can lose on them. Below is the 2011 data and route, which skips the section added for 2012.

The Gun Lake Climb, located at about 27 miles in 2011, bears a striking resemblance to Milan-San Remo’s Poggio climb. It’s far enough fromt the finish that climbers can’t get away and not severe enough to drop all the sprinters. Like Milan-San Remo, it’s an all-arounder that succeeds at Barry-Roubaix.

For 2012, Jon has been scouting out the new section and reports some deep ruts and sand sections. One of the worst sand pits is directly after the right turn onto the new section and is about 20 yards long. The read-out below is from Jon’s recon ride March 11. The course ends at about the 35 mile mark below, the rest is Jon being Lance Armstrong-like and turning back to put in a few extra miles at Yankee Springs.  Jon also is flying Einstein black for 2012, which, according to team director (and shop owner) Jason Lowetz, is worth an extra 500 Watts of firepower.

kolo tc will have a section-by-section preview of the course posted Tuesday at 8am. Get geeked, get excited, and get ready!

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