St. Fatty’s Day Fat Bike Race Preview

After the swarming masses of Barry-Roubaix and it’s undulating gravel roads, it’s time for mountain bikers to get back on the trails. A week after 26ers and 29ers valiantly crossed swords with cyclocross bikes at The Killer, Einstein Cycles and GORE present the best new race of the 2012 season, St. Fatty’s Day Fat Bike Race and Expo. 

Initially thought of as a Fat Bike race on snow, the balmy Michigan weather has kept the big plans for March 31st in flux. Now, Jason Lowetz and Jason Whittaker, the Einsteinian Brain Trust, are cooking up all the fun up at Marsh Ridge in Gaylord, anticipating a strong field and a fast, fast race.

Moving from a 2.5 mile loop to something approximately 5 miles, the race will keep the two hour plus one format at the moment. It will also retain separate classes for mountain bikes and Fat Bikes, giving the obese-tired riders their very own showdown over a twisty, looping course at picturesque Marsh Ridge, one of the nicest and most inviting race venues in Northern Michigan.

The race organizers have promised a number of Fat Bike-worthy tests along the route, with sand traps worthy of the PGA and the light, if surprising possibility of a Fire Ring just to keep riders on their toes. The added milage of the course will be tacked on to the 2.5 mile course previewed last month, though it was hidden under snow at the time.

Einstein Racing will have a strong contingent sent north to dominate the race their Director Sportif has promised will be the most fun race of the season. The Men in Black will try to win on their own turf against some strong competition from Hagerty Cycling, Pedaling Beans’ Keith Conway and a contribution from Hagerty-TOLaw’s U-25 squad as well.

After the race, stick around for awards and all the expo vendors for Fat Bike information and test rides. Swing your leg over a Surly, check out frames from Quiring Cycles and all the stylish gear from GORE, with more vendors lined up as well.

Will it be the most fun you have ever had at a bike race? Undoubtedly! Sign up, gear up and get ready for the toughest two hours on wheels at St. Fatty’s. kolo tc will be in strong attendance with photos and tens of stickers for sale, as well as earn the coveted “Heroic Rider of the Day” award, which results in a high-five from Jason Lowetz, a $76 million value. And as if you needed any more incentive, Einstein Racing SuperStar Jon Dub-Nine will be there! What star power!


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