Style File: 19 Michigan Cycling Jerseys That Rock

With the end of TOLaw Cycling with the Hagerty merger, the title of 'Michigan's Best Dressed Cyclist' is up for grabs.

If you look good, you ride good. Not necessarily fast, but looking fly is half the battle in cycling. The other half is, of course, being slightly faster than everyone else. Unfortunately, only one person gets to win a race, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t look like the best. Michigan has some very unique styles for cycling and lots of teams earning “Well done” remarks from Yours Truly. In 2012, more than a few new teams are revealing their new duds for the season, and some familiar squads are changing up their look. Here is a not-so-comprehensive gallery of some of the latest fashions for 2012. None of these, to my knowledge, were designed by Marc Jacobs or Paul Smith, who am I told are both clothing designers.

In the slideshow below, 19 jerseys are displayed proudly. Does one catch your eye? Make you vomit? Comment and vote for your favorite.

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