Teaser Tuesday: FOCUS Mares CX 1.0

It’s Barry-Roubaix Week, and a cyclocross bike is an undeniable weapon at the Killer. Even the roughest gravel sections of the course are faster with slightly skinnier tires, and cyclocross bikes give you just enough width to keep your face from sliding along gravel at 35mph.

If you don’t have one, the Killer is an excellent excuse to go buy a cross bike. Versatile and fast, a solid CX bike is the Swiss Army knife of cycling: up for any job. We’ve picked the FOCUS Mares 1.0 for you to lust over this happy Teaser Tuesday. This is the best money can buy, the top of the line, the cream of the crop, the tip-top banana of CX bikes. FOCUS slaps on carbon wheel to a carbon frame with a carbon seat so it’s light enough to carry over barriers, or power up the many evil climbs of the Roubaix. Tell your significant other that everyone else has one and maybe you’ll be astride this temptress this Saturday.

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