UCI World Cup and Milan-San Remo Livestreams

Race one of the morning is complete with Maja Wloszczowska taking the first UCI World Cup race of the season. Wloszczowska won by just four seconds after charging past Emily Batty in the rock garden and keeping away to the line. Batty held on for a close second, with Catherine Pendrel a further 19 seconds back from Batty. A full replay is already available at the link below. That might be the trio to watch for 2012, and one of the most handsome podiums possible in Women’s cycling. Chapeau, ladies.

The Men’s race will go live on Red Bull TV in ten minutes or so, with Jaroslav Kulhavy “The Czech King” donning the World Champion’s jersey for the first time at the World Cup. The full line-up is present and the course is perfectly fast after some light rain.

Milan-San Remo, as well, is under way, though you have plenty of time to tune in. The seven hour, 298km race has five hours left to ride at least, though reports are of a light rain in and around Milan. The English live will be live (after an annoying commercial) here  in English at around 8.40am EST. That gives you a bit of time to enjoy some mountain biking before La Primavera goes live.

Have a wonderful morning watching bike racing, and let us kindly offer the reminder that you can follow along with kolo tc on Twitter  for all the action.

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