A Few Good Questions with Johanna Schmidt

For the month of May, kolo t.c. will be featuring a Northern Michigan cyclist of great skill, magnificence and elegance. We nagged some of the best cyclists around the state to answer a few good questions on bikes, riding in this wonderful state, and what they are looking for the 2012 season. Every Sunday, we’ll have a different racer featured. Enjoy!

This week, it would be a crime not to start the series off with anyone but Einstein Racing’s Johanna Schmidt. She ‘mummed’ more gents last year than anyone in the state taking huge wins and top placings all season. She started 2011 with a huge win at her hometown race, Mud, Sweat and Beers, a feat she’ll be working hard to replicate this coming Saturday. In a season full of highlights, the brightest had to be her sixth place at the Iceman Cometh against world class competition. 

First off, who are you? That’s asked in a philosophical sense, sure, but where are you from, what do you do, who do you care about and what do you enjoy? (Name, hometown, MTB/Road/Both, team, etc.)

I was born in Ann Arbor but raised by the great community of Northport. I’ve also lived in Jupiter, Florida, Leland, Ann Arbor (for a second time), Columbia, South Carolina, Ann Arbor (for a third time), Los Angeles, Tucson, and now in the best place of all, Traverse City.

I am an over educated mom, wife, cyclist and part time physical therapist. I am most proud of being a good role model for my two boys. I am a roadie and a want-to-be mountain biker.  Have you seen me on single track? Add some roots and wet leaves and I’m a mess. I’d love to get better so I’m open for lessons any time. I will be powered by pie once again this year.  Einstein signed some heavy hitters to the women’s roster so I’m very excited about that.

What got you into biking? What got you into racing? What is your proudest two-wheeled achievement?

I moved to Tucson for my last clinical rotation and planned on staying 4 months. I met Ty  and stayed 4 years. He and the rest of the Tucson cycling community were the first to show me that the bike was for more than just getting home from the bar late at night. My first real ride, not sure if you can call it a real ride since it was sans spandex, was the last 12 miles of Mt. Lemmon on a 4 ton commuter. It was not a pretty sight. After Carter was born I joined the Desert Foxes, a Tucson women’s cycling team, mostly to get back into shape. Once I finally shed the extra 30 pounds I had a few good races and I was hooked. My proudest moment was last year’s Iceman. It’s a great feeling to leave everything out on the course and know you did the absolute best you could.

What kind of bike(s) are you riding? Do they have names?

I have the new Einstein Racing team bike. The Focus Izalco Pro3. It’s black on black and I’m up for any name suggestions. My mountain bike is a Kona Kula Supreme 26 inch hard tail.  Not ready to drink the 29er koolaid just yet.

What are your big goals for 2012? Who do you want to beat this year?

I’d like to beat John Kerkhof up Wilson.

What is your favorite place to ride in the world? In Michigan?

Mt. Lemmon in Tucson is my favorite place to ride a road bike, but I much prefer Michigan mountain biking over the jagged rocks and cacti of Arizona. Remember, I have no skills.

If you had to compare yourself to a pro, who would you pick?

Lance Armstrong. I’ve never tested positive.

Who is your favorite person to ride with?

Carter. Sorry Jameson, but you take after your mom in the skills department.

If you could design a bike race in Michigan, where would the finish line be? Who would you have as podium girls? (Celebrities are in play).

Michigan stadium with 100,000 vuvuzela weilding fans.

Dave Bucholtz.

Thank somebody:

Thank you Carter and Jameson for your support and patience while your parents pretend to be pro cyclists.

Any last words?

And thank you Cody for all that you do for the Michigan cycling community.

(You’re welcome. Editor’s Note.)

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