Einstein Cycles’ Pancake Ride

It’s rather refreshing to head out on a group ride without being racked with nerves about being dropped. With a strict, gentlemanly ceiling on the average speed, Einstein Cycles’ Pancake Ride ensures a suitable speed and enjoyable time for everybody. With the seemingly unreachable goal of making Elk Rapids in good time, the ride meanders along some of the scenic backroads and byways east of Traverse City.

Flowing through orchards and valleys, the Pancake Ride is a delightful way to start the weekend. It leaves at 8am, or so, from the Einstein Cycles shop on Four Mile before heading out in the general direction of Elk Rapids, though no one has yet quite made it within the time allotment. Whenever shop owner Jason Lowetz as reconstructed his bicycle, the ride is off and running.

John Leach by East Bay.

This morning, the 29 degree temperatures numbed a few digits, but five brave souls ventured, joined by a thoroughly chilled Yours Truly. It’s a gorgeous area to ride, and if you haven’t been east of town lately, take a day some weekend to explore out that way.

The ride warmed as the morning progressed, and after a short test from Jimmy “No Mercy” McKenna, the group rolled along quite happily. On the return leg, Jason was hurried along by the need to open the shop, but Mike, John, Gary and I spun along, watching the twin dots of Jason and Jimmy disappear up the road.

"Can you smell the pancakes yet?"

The timing was perfect. As the gruppetto made the turn into Einstein, the griddle was already warmed up and the first batch of cakes were being expertly flipped. John’s brave experiment of putting an apple cinnamon flavored Hammer gel on his flapjacks may have been the greatest moment of the day. If you ever need some extra bang on your hot cakes, throw on some Hammer gel.


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