kolo t.c. Gentlemen’s Club: Join the Gents

In an effort to foster a connective, encouraging, and enjoyable cycling community in our wonderful state, kolo t.c. is working on creating a club on Strava open to all two-wheeled enthusiasts in Michigan. Won’t you join us?

Taking advantage of the wonderful set-up of Strava.com, the Gents Club is great way to find new rides, climbs and test yourself against pals and competitors. Strava accounts are free for your mobile device, or can be uploaded from your Garmin. You can find the club page right here. 

The goal of the club is to put names to faces, create more opportunities for group rides, share encouragement and some fair, light-hearted competition amongst Michigan’s riders and racers.

Strava also hosts club milage and climbing challenges for individuals and groups, and of course, we will have to dominate both. In addition, kolo t.c. will sponsor milage competitions for group members only, starting with the first competition kicking off in May during the Giro d’Italia. More on that later.

Tell your pals, join the club, and take part in Michigan’s non-denominational bike club. Doesn’t matter what team, doesn’t matter your skill level, doesn’t matter your power-to-weight ratio….We want you!

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