Teaser Tuesday: Orbea Alma G Team

Orbea is the embodiment of the exotic. A high-level bike company only the overly zealous have heard of, and only the slightly obsessed think of as an option. It’s like the Porsche model no one talks about; alluring, unfamiliar and a bit of a shock.

Orbea won’t linger as a secret in the US for long. More and more shops are carrying the brand (including Einstein Cycles in Traverse City) and the name is popping up in bike magazines more and more often. For mountain bikers, especially, the fat wheel line is growing as a viable option to the usual suspects of brands. The Alma G Team is the top of the line option and the rig available to it’s sponsored riders, including four time World Cup champion Julien Absalon of France. He was riding this frame two weeks back when he won at Houffalize, Belgium, cruising past everyone over all sorts of terrain.

It comes off the shelf with SRAM XX shifting and brakes, with MAVIC’s Crossmax SLR wheelset stock. It’s a handsome bicycle, well-worth a look for those threatening wins this year…Or someone who just wants to look like they are.

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