The Ada Shootout Ride: You Will Be Dropped

This is an unofficial race that makes promises. It will be fast. It will be hard. You will be dropped. The Ada Shootout Ride is just that: a ride. But at it’s very heart, it is an evil bully of a (free) race. No registration, no categories, no re-grouping, just a battle royale involving some of the best riders in Grand Rapids.

The course will be entail four laps on a 11.3 mile course. Each lap will feature two sprint points and two KOMs, so both sprinters and grimpeurs will have the chance to shine throughout the race. There will be a long, flat finish that Mark Cavendish would love, though he may not be able to make it.

The race is scheduled to take place April 18th at 6pm at the intersection of Pettis and Honeycreek in wonderful Ada, Michigan.

For more, check back later this week for a route preview, predictions and a kolo t.c. prize giveaway!

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