The Liebster Award: Passing It On

kolo t.c. is a place for bikes. In the past month and a half, it’s grown, changed, and reached out to over 50,000 people who want to watch, read and think about people pedaling in Michigan and around the world. One dedicated reader, and tough cyclist, Joseph Lampen recognized kolo t.c. with the Liebster Award, a pass-it-on baton of sorts for bloggers.

It’s the biggest honor kolo t.c. can ever strive for, in part because it is not overly clear if there are any other awards for which kolo t.c. qualifies. But getting feedback from readers, especially fellow cyclists in the area, is a great way to know kolo t.c. is achieving its purpose.

A part of the Liebster Award tradition, a winning blog passes it on to five other blogs they enjoy. kolo t.c. doesn’t play by the rules. We scoff at the book, give it the middle finger and fling it the floor. We’re going to include the link to out Mitten Blogs page, honoring seven local cyclists that are out there rolling all the time.

A special nod goes to Jon Dub-Nine, Melissa Ryba, Dave Walston and Danielle Musto. All are great local cyclists that are already in-season and riding hard, and do a great job sharing the ride with the rest of us.

Thanks to Joseph Lampen, may the wind always be at your back and the air be in your tires.

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