A Few Good Questions With Wes Sovis

Next up in the A Few Good Questions series is none other than the Official Twin of kolo t.c., Wes Sovis. Wes is a powerful rider that excels on the road and off, with an affinity for short, steep climbs and tough competition. He placed second last year at the Cherry-Roubaix State Championship Road Race, as well as winning Peak2Peak. He also enjoys watching television, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Sofia Vergara. 

1. First off, who are you? That’s asked in a philosophical sense, sure, but where
are you from, what do you do, who do you care about and what do you enjoy?
Wes Sovis
Traverse City, MI
MTB and Road
Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
I am of the Sovis clan. 3rd generation Czech.
Single. And looking.

2. What got you into biking? What got you into racing? What is your proudest
two-wheeled achievement?
My dad used to shred trails behind Munson when I was just a wee man. He rode a Mongoose Rockadile, could climb hills in the big ring, and could do wheelies. He was, and still is my hero. We (Cody and I) raced when we were kids, but we mostly did it to hang out with our Dad and show him we weren’t no chickens on knobby tires. We could shred, too, same as him. My proudest achievement was beating my old man to the top of the radio tower climb behind the State Hospital when I was 11. There hasn’t been a higher high, on the bike or off.

3. What kind of bike(s) are you riding? Do they have names?
Alice, Specialized Allez Comp or Elite or Something.
Black Betty, Cannondale Trail SL 2 29er.

4. What are your big goals for 2012? Who do you want to beat this year?
My goals are in the fall. Peak to Peak is always a hoot. Fast, and a big climb. I love it. Iceman was a huge disappointment last season. I hope to dramatically improve at that race this year. I don’t try to beat anyone specifically. I just go ride as hard as I can. If I finish last, but I rode hard and pushed myself beyond what I thought to be physically possible, then last isn’t the end of the world. I’m 23. I’m old. I have some perspective on life. The finishing order means very little in the grand scheme of life. It is far important that you are doing what you love, and I do love riding bicycles.

5. What is your favorite place to ride in the world? In Michigan?
Either Leelnau County or Benzie County. My family has a pretty fun 21 mile loop out by our house we ride rather frequently. Great gravel roads, more than a few climbs. And the scenery is amazing. Riding on the peninsula isn’t too bad either, but I like riding in Karlin on my home turf.

6. If you had to compare yourself to a pro, who would you pick?
That’s tough. Probably Manuel Fumic. The guy is always smiling and having fun. First place or last, he also says what a great time he had. I like to think I am similar to him in mentality, if not speed or skill. I have heard from a few people that my riding style is similar to that of Thor Hushovd. I think that is more to do with body shape (fluffy) than speed or ability.

7. Who is your favorite person to ride with?
My brother. He rides in a straight line, at a steady pace, and keeps (most) of his complaints to himself. I love riding with my Dad, too. The pace is a bit slower, but he is always giving great advice, especially when we are on mountain bikes. If I had to pick someone who “ain’t blood” then I would go with Dave Bucholtz or Tim Botrell. I don’t get to ride with them very often, but they are always having fun and don’t take anything too seriously. They are good people.

8. If you could design a bike race in Michigan, where would the finish line be?
Who would you have as podium girls? (Celebrities are in play)
Easy. Finish would be on top Youker hill in Karlin. The podium girls would be Sofia Vergara and January Jones.

9. Thank somebody:
Joe Sovis. Thank you. I hope to be as fast on the downhills as you are one of these days. Without that guy, I would be fat, out of shape, and depressed. He is one hell of a role model, on the bike and off.

10. Any last words?
Never forget that we are all human beings. While we all differ philosophically in some (well, many) respects, we share a particular time and space in this expansive book called “Existence.” It is up to us to decide how this short sentence that depicts our fleeting time on this planet will be written, and we all need to do our best to ensure that sentence reflects the best humanity can possibly offer.

And tip your waitresses.

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  1. […] A late charge gave Wes Sovis the victory, stacking up an impressive 767 miles in May. Wes’ miles included the Mud, Sweat and Beers at the start of the month, and some serious block training as he prepares for the West Branch Classic, Mt. Pleasant Road Race and the rest of his busy June schedule. Wes rides for the Hagerty-TOLaw U-25 team, as you may recall from this wonderful interview.  […]

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