Teaser Tuesday: Wilier Zero 7

Wilier is one of the older bike producers in the world. Period. It’s a classic name with an unmatched pedigree. Stylish, impeccably attractive and incredibly racy. And the Zero 7 is a feathery 14.1 pounds. 

Yes, 14.1 pounds. The frame itself it just 1.8 pounds. The fork? 350 grams. And it’s a frame that is built with a special film injection between each layer of carbon fiber that makes the frame stronger and safer than most carbon frames on the market. Because the film provides the strength and stiffness, it requires few layers of carbon throughout the frame, contributing to the extremely light weight. It comes stock with Campy’s Super Record group and comes stock with the complimentary Campy Bora One wheelset. It’s a Giro-quality bike, the stuff of steep climbs and legends.

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