Weekend Preview: Mud, Sweat, and Italians

It’s a big weekend in cycling, with the Giro d’Italia kicking off in Denmark on Cinco de Mayo. But there’s plenty of bike racing right here in the Mitten.

Saturday brings the Mud, Sweat and Beers mountain bike race at Mt. Holiday. There is an absolutely wonderful preview available here. It’s a massive event that draws some of the best riders around the state up to the Traverse City area for a drag race along the VASA 25km. The course is still somewhat uncertain, though both the Jack Pine and Wall sections are confirmed to be cut. A jaunt through the Timber Ridge property is a new addition to the race. The cutting of Jack Pine and the Wall means the race is going to be faster than last year, even with a few single track sections tacked on.

For those with anything left in their legs, Cone Azalia channels the spirit of the Paris-Roubaix right here in Michigan. The road race in Milan is either famous or infamous depending on who you ask. It’s a flat, fast and rough drag over gravel and rough pavement. It’s been the site of some serious heroics and some heartbreaking mechanicals. Only the strong survive.

The very best of luck to everyone racing this weekend. For those at Mud, Sweat and Beers, stop by the Hagerty-TOLaw U-25 Bike Wash and say hello. kolo t.c. will have stickers on hand, plus as many high fives as you want. Seriously, just through that hand up and get ’em.

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