2012 SweatShaker Race Preview

The RustShaker is the first real tough mountain bike of the spring, and the SweatShaker doubles back to invite riders to Mid-Michigan Community College for a second installment on one of the most brutal courses around. 

At first inspection, it’s a lap without too many obstacles. There’s a rather decided lack of hills in the area and only a handful of punchy rises throughout the 13 mile loop. But the trail itself is fresh and lacks that highway-smooth feel of a lot of bike races. It’s one of the few courses in the state where a full suspension bike might have an advantage. That, combined with the tight, technical sections of singletrack, make the SweatShaker a true mountain biker’s course.

Last year, the indomitable North Country Cycle Sport duo of John Cowan and Chad Wells went 1-2 on the podium in the SuperSoaker Pro Expert class. After a patch of ridiculously bad luck last week at the State Games, Wells will be looking to make a splash. Their eternal rival for victory and immortality, Jorden Wakeley of Einstein Racing, will also be on hand. Wakeley is a huge fan of the RustShaker event and will be motivated to bag a mid-summer win ahead of his ambitious fall campaign. Wakeley is on very good form and will have his Lumberjack 100 legs recovered and ready to fly, making beating him another ‘tall’ ask (that’s funny because he is of advanced height), though NCCS’ squad is up for the challenge.

The Women’s race is wide open, with the 2011 champion Zandra Hudson unconfirmed to defend her title. She was chased home by Beth Trollman and Gabby Bruno, making a tough podium and making SweatShaker a very competitive event.

Online registration ends June 29 and day-of registration will be available.

Here’s the Strava lap information, including your reigning KOM, Jorden Wakeley. Special nod to number two on there, Guiseppe himself, Joe Sovis.

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