The 2012 Gentlemen’s Club Giro Competition Winner

It was a grueling month of tough, grinding bike riding, but Wes Sovis has emerged the victor of the Gentlemen’s Club Giro Competition. 

The kolo t.c. Gentlemen’s Club spent May in a life-or-death-not-really struggle for distance supremacy. Whilst the pros had three weeks to rack up as many miles as possible, we took a Gentlemen’s four weeks to do the same. After all, we are civilized. All miles had to be recorded via Strava, with no edited rides counting toward to total. Entrants also enlisted in the Nuun Twice the Tour Challenge on Strava to see how our little club stacked up, and to make sure all the miles were legitimate through Strava’s system.

A late charge gave Wes Sovis the victory, stacking up an impressive 767 miles in May. Wes’ miles included the Mud, Sweat and Beers at the start of the month, and some serious block training as he prepares for the West Branch Classic, Mt. Pleasant Road Race and the rest of his busy June schedule. Wes rides for the Hagerty-TOLaw U-25 team, as you may recall from this wonderful interview. 

A very close second, Corey Freund clocked in with 720 miles. The Homer Glen, Illinois native stacked up some serious miles late in the month, threatening to take the Giro title from Wes late in the month as Wes began to taper for racing. Maybe the most impressive of all, however, was the incomparable Jorden Wakeley. While Wes put in some miles off-road, all of Jorden’s 670 miles came on a mountain bike, a much harder challenge and outrageously difficult next to all the road miles put in by other contestants. The Einstein Racing phenom would have been even close if the contest was just a few days longer, as he’ll be gunning for the win at the Mohican 100 today.

1. Wes Sovis 767
2. Corey Freund 720
3.  Jorden Wakeley 670
4. Jon Dub-Nine 594
5.  Joel Bush 563
6. Ross Scheuller 465
7. Craig Hoogerwerf 405
9. Greg Hughes 377
10. Dean Murphy 339

Wes wins a kolo t.c. sticker pack (worth, like, $100), a kolo t.c. Giro t-shirt, and a Gentlemen’s 5-pack. However, he has since voiced his opinion that he’d prefer a very large batch of brownies instead of the beer.

Thanks to everyone for playing along, and congrats on putting in so many tough miles early in the season! Our next competition will be announced very soon. Stay tuned for more on that, plus plans for a Short’s Century Gentlemen’s Ride that is in the works for later this summer. Forza, Gentlemen!

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