2012 Boyne Marathon Race Recap: Wakeley Crushes, Spencer Cruises

July 14th is a big day at the Tour de France because it’s Bastille Day. It’s a big day in Michigan because it’s Boyne Day.

The only man storming anything at the 2012 edition of the Boyne Marathon was Jorden Wakeley. The Einstein Racing phenom had the race circled for weeks and put in some concerted training for the event, and it paid off in triplicate. Over the somewhat shortened 34 mile course, replete with 4,400 feet of climbing, Wakeley was the only man or woman to go under three hours. Not just today, in mixed conditions, but in the race’s history. He rode to an emphatic solo win, attacking one mile into the race and never looking back, save one polite, condolence-related glance back at lapped traffic, like Yours Truly.

With Wakeley dropping not only the hammer but the entire toolkit, it was a race for second. The courageous Mike Simonson gave chase, but a mechanical eventually negated his efforts. He ended up coming in 5th place. The burden to chase fell to Earl Hillaker, and a daunting task it was. Earl pulled out an impressive 3:17:05, with Wakeley’s 2:55:34 looking like a historic mark that won’t be beat anytime soon. Aaron McCreedy rounded out the podium with NCCS’s Chad Wells pulling in 4th spot.

In the Women’s Elite race, the combined forces of Johanna Schmidt and Amanda Ryan weren’t quite enough to rein in the roll of Heather Spencer. Spencer won ahead of Patricia Devost, and the 1-2 combination were the only women to break the 4 hour mark. Johanna Schmidt, driven by a burning desire for potassium, soldiered on for third place just five minutes over the 4 hour mark and after surviving some tough crashes. Johanna was the Official CameraWHOAman for kolo t.c. today, and the video will be available quite soon. One rider with an extended role is Amanda Ryan, who held on for fourth place on the day ahead of Lisa Markley.

Ron Sanborn added to the Einstein Racing victory tally, taking the win in the Expert 50+ class ahead of the superfast Paul Brown and Epic Happens’ Jack Kline, who once again wins the prize for Most Entertaining Human Being On The Planet. Nobody tells a better post-race story than Jack, who is working his way back from a nagging knee injury ahead of his quest for glory at the Leadville 100. Einstein also slotted in a third place in the Expert 40-49 class with Scott Luca.

GTMTBA’s Dave Walston was on form again today, taking a fourth place  in the Sport Men 40-44. GTMTBA teammate, rock star, philosopher and Western film critique Joe Sovis took yet another top five  in the Sport Men 50-59. GTMTBA looks to have the old men categories saturated with talent.

A congratulatory mention to the entire Expert 29 and Under class. The top three spots put in times that rivaled those of the Elites, with the fastest going to CJ Anten. Second place went to Steven Blake and Logan Taylor rounds out the podium. Alex Schultz beat 5th place by nearly 20 minutes, though, to be fair, 5th place was much, much better looking and carried a sack of excuses for much of the race.

Another special nod to Einstein’s Tim Bottrell and Short’s Alex Pina for reportedly stopping to thank the water girls high stop Boyne Mountain. Excellent sportsman ship and classy Gents, the both of them.

As always, here’s the winning Strava information from the untouchable Jorden Wakeley, which is made all the more impressive next to, say, the Strava information from last place in Expert 29 and Under. 

The Top Banana Competition results will be up Wednesday for the Men’s and Thursday for the Women’s, just to keep everyone tense with anticipation. As a 1.0 race, Boyne was worth 20 points for 1st place, -1 each spot down until it runs out. Huge opportunity to nab some points, though a lot of hard work to get them.

Also, the GoPro video should be edited for content, time, and a rockin’ soundtrack by Tuesday night at the very latest. It will be provided by the wonderful people at Short’s Brewery. We’re gonna go ahead and call it the kolo kam. (TM)

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  1. REALLY sorry I broke the KoloKam. But I did warn you that the risk was high, and as it turns out, the rewards were low. Also, please excuse the gasping for air just after I got the wind knocked out of me around about mile 13.

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