Teaser Tuesday: Cervelo S5

A recent tiff (that’s right, tiff) on Twitters made me remember Gerard Vroomen and Cervelo. They make good bikes, you know. 

As the legendary Cervelo TestTeam proved, there is really something to be said for riding an innovative bike. Cervelo works tirelessly to develop bikes with incremental improvements over existing products-even their own. The S5 improved on stiffness and weight, but by incorporating aspects of their P2 and P3 time trial bikes, they’ve blown away the competition on aerodynamics. It is the fastest bike on the planet, with the least wind disturbance of any road machine with equal stiffness to other top end bikes. Plus, it’s a Cervelo; a bomb-proof, popular yet somewhat exotic brand on your weekly group rides. It really is the best thing to come out of Canada since Emily Batty.

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