2BContinued Charity Ride: Ride To Make The Story Longer

If you’ve ever needed a good reason to ride your bike a long time, here’s one. 

Way over in Zeeland, some rather tough and charitable folks are getting ready for August 24th’s 2BContinued Ride to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The goal is simple, if not ambitious; raise $50,000 by riding bicycles for 24 hours straight. That’s a pretty long time to pedal, but of course, the cause is well worth the effort.

Riding either solo or with as large a team as desired, registered riders will take full advantage of a closed two-mile loop to put in as many miles as possible. Starting at 6pm August 24 and concluding 24 hours later, the event will be a physical challenge for the ambitious and a wonderful experience for those just hoping to support a deserving cause.

Registration is still wide open with ten days left, so get your pals together. If they aren’t head over heels for 24 hours of pedaling, they aren’t really your friends now are they? But the live music, door prizes and refreshments might keep them interested while you take a double turn riding through the night. (Bring your lights. You’ll need them.)

If you can’t make it because, say, you have a cousin’s Polish wedding to go to on the 25th, feel invited and encouraged to donate to the brave and worthy pedaling persons by heading to 2BeContinued.org and locating the Donate Now tab. Throw up a buck, a few coins, shoot, even donate tens of dollars to help support cancer survivors and to keep cancer awareness on the mind of the American people. It is too permanent a reality to leave to just yellow wristbands.

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