Men’s Top Banana Competition: Anderson Defends, BISSELL Shines

The Top Banana Competition, like Peak2Peak itself, has become a battle of attrition. 

Points leader Mike Anderson needed to shake off a mechanical at the Crybaby Classic and get a solid result Saturday as he tries to fend off a late season charge from the on-fire Jorden Wakeley. But for the Elites, the horrendous conditions put a damper on any high-flying action and turn the race into a slog.

Under the control of defending champion Cole House, the field was gruppo compacto for one whole circuit. However, the mud rendered the brakes mere decorations and drivetrains junk. A massive chunk of the field dropped out, leaving just a group of a few to battle for top honors in the rain and wind. While those who retired huddled inside for some heat and chili, House, Wakeley. Anderson, Alex Vanias, Mike Simonson and John Cowan, along with a brave few others, battled on.

In the end, a bold move from Cole House stuck and he survived a surging Wakeley to take the win. Banana points leader Mike Anderson took third, no doubt happy to have a mostly-functioning bike in bad conditions. It was also a big day for Alex Vanias in fourth and Mike Simonson in fifth, as both will vault up the standings late in the season with some great rides this fall.

Here’s the complete results, with point haul:

Place Points Name Sponsor/team Time
1 20 Cole House 616 Fabrication 1:24:09
2 19 Jorden Wakeley Einstein Racing 1:24:26
3 18 Mike Anderson Bissell-Abg/nuvo 1:25:20
4 17 Alex Vanias Bissell Pro Cycling 1:28:27
5 16 Michael Simonson Rbs/notubes 1:29:10
6 15 Scott Hoffner Hometown Racing 1:29:15
7 14 Ron Catlin Rbs Mtb Team 1:32:44
8 13 John Cowan North County Cycle Sport 1:33:48
9 12 Dan Korienek Leadout Racing 1:34:01
10 11 Nathaniel Williams Bissell Abg Nuvo 1:40:51
11 10 Jay Click Cycletherapy 1:41:01
12 9 Jason Stephenson Fit For Life Personal Training 1:41:26
13 8 Pete Skellenger Team Priority Health 1:44:44

Nate Williams very quietly lingers high overall and his 11 points from Saturday are a nice insurance to keep him comfortably up in the standings with just one stop left. BISSELL has four riders with great results of the past two months, with Derek Graham riding on some great fitness ahead of the Iceman Cometh and with a full roster of teammates to work with.

Here’s the new overall:

Mike Anderson at 107 points
Jorden Wakeley at 93 points
Nathaniel Willams at 78 points
Derek Graham at 66 points
John Cowan at 60 points
Alex Vanias at 54 points
Chad Wells at 55 points
Chris Fisher at 50 points
Scott Hofner at 42 points
Sven Baumann at 40 points
Mac Brennan at 39 points
Adam York at 38 points
Dan Korienek at 37 points
Alexey Vermuellen at 36 points
Ben Renkema at 36 points
Earl Hillaker at 35 points
John Card at 35 points
Mike Simonson at 32 points
Tom Burke at 31 points
Martin Vecchio at 30 points
Marten Beels at 28 points
Alan Antonuk at 27 points
Brent Goetz at 26 points
Mike Tacchella at 25 points
Brian Kuyper at 24 points
Daniel Gerow at 23 points
Christopher Gottwald at 21 points
Cole House at 20 points
Dave Dygert at 19 points
Brian Matter at 19 points
Kyle Stange at 17 points
Aaron McCreedy at 18
Ty Schmidt at 17 points
Shawn Adams at 17 points
Ron Sanborn at 16 points
Steve Broglio at 16 points
Sven Baumann at 15 points
Mark Spore at 15 points
TJ Jenema at 15 points
Shawn Davison at 14 points
Jeff Craven at 14 points
Ron Catlin at 14 points
Aaron McCreedy at 13 points
Mitchell DeYoung at 13 points
Matthew DeGiacomo at 13 points
Dan Kotwicki at 12 points
Jimmy McMurray at 12 points
Dominic Courtier
Jordan Diekema at 11
Jay Click at 10
Jason Stephenson at 9 points
Pete Skellinger at 8 points

The next and final stop of the 2012 Top Banana Competition is the Iceman Cometh on November 3. As a reminder, the scoring is going to be a bit different from other stops. The entire Top 50 will score points in both the Men’s and Women’s Pro races, with first taking 50 points, -1 all the way down. In addition, the top Michigan rider will also get 10 bonus points for representing the Murder Mitten so darn well. If these guys weren’t already motivated, 10 bonus points is no doubt going to keep them up at night with nerves.

Check back tomorrow for the Women’s Top Banana Competition standings.

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