Cross the Bay Cyclocross Points Unveiling

Cross the Bay Cyclocross steps it up to a points race.

If winning a cyclocross race wasn’t life changing enough, you now have the opportunity to win an entire series. After secret meetings behind closed doors, the NCCS/Einstein race promoters have decided to adopt a points title as well. Taking the best 3 results of the 4 race series, riders can now log points toward a category title. Prizes include gift cards, free stuff and free entry into a race next year.

The standings are tight throughout, and with two more stops left, there’s plenty of time to move up, especially in the very-tight Men’s B and Women’s C races. The Men’s A has become a sort of two-man showdown between Wakeley and Cowan. Kim Chapman has all but walked away with the Women’s A after two resounding wins at Breezeway Cross and Northmen Cross, though all signals indicates she’ll be in TC Sunday to stamp her name on the young series.

Movers and shakers for this Sunday? Ross Gibbs. Jason Lowetz. Chelsea Strate. Rob Goepfrich. They might not win, but they’ll all have solid results and vault up the standings. The Cowardly Prediction of the Week is Haley Fogo. She’s won every Junior race this year and only the combined strength of the Backus boys have a chance to overthrow her reign.

Sign up here  for this weekend’s race and remember, if you sign up with your team as, you’ll get a high-five and a Coke. We will be honoring Tom Boonen this Sunday. Don’t tell the kids.

Men’s A

18 John Cowan NCCS
18 Jorden Wakeley Einstein Racing
6 Ty Schmidt Einstein Racing
5 Chad Wells NCCS
3 Brian Hancock Team Sandbag
3  Jeff Haney
1 Jason Lowetz Einstein Racing
1 Pete Skellinger Priority Health

Men’s B

10 Bennett Paul Einstein Racing
10 Paul DeBeer Algoma Bicycle Co.
10 Chris Kushman Einstein Racing
8 Ross Gibbs NCSS
3 Jason Whittaker Einstein Racing
3 Johnathan Evans
2 Ryan Bolin Einstein Racing
2 Paul Nichols MMM
2 Jason Luther
2 Matt Anderson
2 Yaro Ireland
2 Tom Welch
2 Steve Schnell
1 Wes Sovis Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
1 Jason Luther Algoma Bicycle Co.
1 Chad Wells NCCS
1 John Cowan NCCS
1 Cody Sovis Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
1 Ben Doorbos
1 Steve Demidavich
1 Dennis Bean-Larson Hell-Yes
1 Kevin Wright Twisted Stone/LAT45
1 John Ammond Einstein Racing
1 Tim Jenema Hagerty Cycling
1 Trevor Kingsbury NCCS
1 Scott Beal NCCS

Men’s C

18 John Ammond Einstein Racing
10 Ryan Bolin Einstein Racing
10 Rob Goepfrich “Men With Mustaches”
9 Aaron Kitscher NCCS
5 Todd Shepard NCCS
3 Tony Talentino Einstein Racing
4 Eric Franckowiak NCCS
1 Robert Shepard NCCS
1 Gary Chastain Einstein Racing
1 Trevor Kingsbury NCCS

Women’s A

20 Kim Chapman Algoma Bicycle Co.
10 Tina Dominic NCCS
8 Chelsea Strate Einstein Racing
8 Laura Melendez Priority Health
3 Christina Balch
3 Monica ToryVelo-Bella Sport

Women’s C
10 Amy Haney Real Women Tri
10 Arianne Whittaker
8 Kimberlee Kelley NCCS
8 Linda Larson NCCS
8 Christina Balch NCCS
5 Nancy Lange
3 Beth Carrington NCCS


20 Haley Fogo NCCS
10 Zak Backus NCCS
8 Nick Backus NCCS
8 Blake Courtright
3 Noah Lockman NCCS

North Country Cycle Sport: 137 points

Einstein Racing: 91 points
Algoma Bicycle Co.: 31 points
PriorityHealth: 9 points
Hagerty Cycling: 10 points
Hagerty-TOLaw U-25: 2 points
Team Sandbag: 3 points

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