2012 Iceman Cometh Singletrack Mind Challenge Results

The last Iceman Cometh post. Seriously. Promise. 

As you may very well recall, we offered up a new challenge for the Iceman. Instead of time, fastest climber or most beer drank, the Singletrack Mind Challenge put the Gentlemen’s Club to an all new test. With a new two mile section of singletrack added to the fastest race in the Mitten, why not see who can slay it?

It’s no small accomplishment to even be in the top 200 finishers on this new segment. After 5,200 people rolled through, over 409 recorded times through that section since October, from a stockpile of 390 different riders. That’s one of the most popular segments in the state, and it’s only been around since September.

The fastest recorded time belongs to Brian Matter, but the Michigan expat is not, for some reason, a member of the kolo t.c. Gentlemen’s Club. The win goes to BISSELL’s Alex Vanias with a scorching time of 8:18. Second place on the segment is Jorden Wakeley, but his time wasn’t on race day. The nod to second place goes to big Dan Korienek, who put down an 8:30 on the cleverly labeled “New”.  Chris Fisher, Chad Wells and Alan Antonuk  put in the next best times on the day, capping off an outstanding season of Gentlemen’s Club challenges.

The next scheduled Challenge will have to wait until next year. There will also be a year long competition for the most miles, so rest up, kick back and start saving your singles for the Gentlemen’s Club 2013.

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  1. If the awards went 31 deep, I certainly could have became a podium contender on this segment. Well there is always next year!

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