Help Change Lives: Angkor Bike Race Raises Money For Kids In Cambodia

There are a lot of good reasons to ride your bike. Here’s a good one from Cambodia.

It’s the humble opinion of this publication that bikes are the answer to 90% of the world’s problems. The community, cohesiveness and general positive impact of bikes happen all over the world, and the good people at Village Focus have sent over this outstanding event in Cambodia.

The Angkor Wat Bike Race and Ride is a high-speed, 100km jaunt through the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap. The circuit courses through ancient temples, exotic rain forests and a handful of beautiful villages over its 25km laps.

There’s also a 30km race and 17km fun ride, but the real news behind this is the cause. Through donations and sponsorship, Village Focus and Terre de Hommes hope to provide the materials and resources to end child exploitation in Cambodia. First run in 2006, the event has grown from 50 riders to over 600 in 2011, and has raised over $150,000! It’s a truly international effort, with riders from 32 countries attending. Even more nationalities contribute by sponsoring individual riders for their efforts and contributing even more to the success of this admirable and inspiring event.

If you have ten seconds, and we all know you do, hop on over to the Individual Donations page and contribute some cash to this very deserving cause. Even Yours Truly, infamous for poverty, has put down $10 on Kim Ames. Why Kim? She was the first American on top of the rider’s list. Let’s all put a little money down to ‘sponsor’ Kim in the 100km race, which takes place December 1. All the proceeds go to support a better way of life for kids who deserve a lot more.

A big thanks to Alexis C. of Village Focus for sending this over. Thanks for giving, folks!

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