kolo t.c. Joins With Mountain Bike Radio

The five-step plan to world domination is underway.

First, get on the radio. While we hold no ambitions of replacing Ryan Seacrest on America’s Top 40, we do hope to bring our podcast to a wider audience and promote bikes in Michigan. The wonderful people at Mountain Bike Radio will now be the official home of kolo t.c. podcasts, providing a wonderful place to share our wonderful stories, people and rides.

If you haven’t tuned into a podcast yet, do so immediately after finishing this post. The podcasts feature Yours Truly (strong, handsome, Czech) alongside Hagerty Cycling star and Cherry-Roubaix race promoter Tim Barrons. We’ve covered bike news, races and other events for a few months now and have been blown away by the support and feedback of listeners. We also invite you all to suggest topics, offer feedback and force your friends and extended family to listen, too.

Head over to Mountain Bike Radio and watch for the complete kolo t.c. library to be uploaded. Until then, you can listen to the podcasts on the kolo t.c.  page. We’ve got a lot left to gab about from here until the cyclocross state championships in mid-December, and then just a short holiday hiatus before the getting back to business with the Fat Bike Series presented by Einstein Cycles beginning January 20.

So tune in, send it around and enjoy the ride.

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