Project13: There Will Be Blood. A Michigan Trainer Workout.

Yup. The 5 year plan to world domination has entered stage 2. Workout videos. 

The first edition of the Project13 roll-out of awesome is underway. With the cold and snow of Michigan’s infamous and unpredictable winter on its way, it’s to start constructing your indoor training pad. Roll out the trainer. Get the old laptop placed on a chair in front of it. Set up your fan to mimic wind-resistance (that’s what I do) and be ready for the hardest and most familiar workout video you’ve ever seen.

It will be familiar because you are probably even in it. Taking footage from the kolo kam at Peak2Peak, the Iceman, Cross the Bay CX races and some spirited rides by kolo HQ, “There Will Be Blood” is a killer interval workout focused on 6 minute bursts with short recovery in between. Ride alongside John Leach, Chad Wells, Wes Sovis, Alan Anonuk, Josh McCreedy and a whole slew of others as you burn your legs to the bone trying to stay in the hunt.

The story line is Oscar-worthy. You are Jorden Wakeley, just 10 points back in the 2013 Top Banana Competition. You need to three straight starts to take the title away from the evil, trust fund doper Rick McNeedle. Over the interval workouts, you’ll battle for good starting position, make the selections and fight for your right to potassium.

Best of all, the video will be absolutely free. Yeah. Really. For free. You can’t beat that.

“There Will Be Blood” launches Tuesday, November 13. (Project13, get it?) Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone that it is coming.

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