2012 Cross the Bay Cyclocross Series Points Results: NCCS Wraps Up Team Win

The end of a long season and a ton of fun is capped off in style with the points unveiling. 

After carefully tallying up the points and deliberating on a few riders for sandbagging (no names) it’s a great honor and, indeed, a a ton of fun to reveal the final points standings from the Cross the Bay Cyclocross Series presented by Einstein Cycles and North Country Cycle Sport. 

After four big races stretching way back to September, the series was a rather happy success. More than a few riders made names for themselves with gutsy days in the saddle, even if they could only make one stop. Bennett Paul’s (Einstein Racing) duel with Ross Gibbs (NCCS) at the Breezeway Cross set the tone for a hotly contested season of B racing, and at the same race, Chad Wells and John Cowan showed their might against Jorden Wakeley.

The points honors the racers who were consistently good and consistently there, and showing up is more than half the battle. Here’s a look at the final standings:

Men’s A

29 John Cowan NCCS
23Jorden Wakeley Einstein Racing
23 Chad Wells NCCS
10 Mike Anderson BISSELL
7  Ty Schmidt Einstein Racing
5 Aaron Beebe East Hills Velo
4 Todd Friedinger
3 Brian Hancock Team Sandbag
3  Jeff Haney
3 Jason Lowetz Einstein Racing
1 Ryan Kennedy Einstein Racing
1 Pete Skellinger Priority Health

Men’s B

Men’s B

20 John Leach Einstein Racing
18 Chris Kushman Einstein Racing
11 Ryan Bolin Einstein Racing
10 Bennett Paul Einstein Racing
10 Paul DeBeer Algoma Bicycle Co.
10  Ross Gibbs NCSS
6 Craig Webb Hagerty Cycling
6 Jacob Ellis Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
5 Steve Andriese
4 Jason Whittaker Einstein Racing
3 Johnathan Evans
3 Paul Nichols MMM
3 Jason Luther Algoma Bicycle Co.
3 Wes Sovis Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
3 Cody Sovis Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
3 Tim Jenema Hagerty Cycling
3 Dennis Bean-Larson Hell-Yes/ERG! Energy Bar
2 Matt Anderson
3 Yaro Ireland
3 Tom Welch NCCS
2 Steve Schnell
2 Trevor Kingsbury NCCS
2 Mickey Humpula Einstein Racing
2 John Ammond Einstein Racing
1 Steve Demidavich
1 Kevin Wright Twisted Stone/LAT45
1 Scott Beal NCCS
1 Micky Humpula Einstein Racing
1 Aaron Kitchser NCCS
1 Dan Packer City Bike Shop
2 Yarro Ireland
1 Scott Howard Hagerty Cycling
1 Matt Anderson
2 Glen Ruczynski City Bike Shop
1 Dave Bucholtz Hagerty Cycling
1 Jim Beebe
1 Chad Wells NCCS
1 John Cowan NCCS

Men’s C

19 John Ammond Einstein Racing
23 Rob Goepfrich “Men With Mustaches”
10 Don Fedrigon, Jr. Hagerty Cycling
10 Glen Ruczynski City Bike Shop
10 Ryan Bolin Einstein Racing
9 Aaron Kitscher NCCS
8 Jim Picotte
8 Spencer Payne EpicHappens
6 Todd Shepard NCCS
5 Rob Goepfrich kolotc.com
4 Eric Franckowiak NCCS
5 Tony Talentino Einstein Racing
3 Brian Buysse
3 Gary Chastain Einstein Racing
2 Keith Conway
2 Andy Grow Over the Shoulder Racing
2  Brian Emmons
1 Nathaniel Saldanha Hagerty-TOLaw U-25
1 Mike Starastanko Einstein Cycles
1 Sky Foster
1 Jimmy McKenna Einstein Racing
1 Robert Shepard NCCS
1 Dave Bucholtz Hagerty Cycling
1 Mat Mulligan BrickHeads
1 Jason Walter
1 Patrick Shepard NCCS
1 Trevor Kingsbury NCCS
1 Tim Pease
1 Chris Fair
1 David Clark

Women’s A

24 Chelsea Strate Einstein Racing
20 Johanna Schmidt Einstein Racing
20 Kim Chapman Algoma Bicycle Co.
10 Tina Dominic NCCS

8 Laura Melendez Priority Health
5 Katie Tomczyk Einstein Racing
3 Christina Balch NCCS
3 Monica ToryVelo-Bella Sport

Women’s B 

10 Michelle Howard Hagerty Cycling
8 Arianne Whittaker

Women’s C

26 Kimberlee Kelley NCCS
10 Amy Haney Real Women Tri
10 Emily Savickis
10 Arianne Whittaker
8 Linda Larson NCCS

8 Christina Balch NCCS
5 Nancy Lange
3 Beth Carrington NCCS


30 Haley Fogo NCCS
28 Zak Backus NCCS
8 Nick Backus NCCS
8 Blake Courtright
3 Noah Lockman NCCS

Team Category:

North Country Cycle Sport 226
Einstein Cycles 185
Algoma Bicycle Co. 33


Winners of each category can head to Einstein Cycles or North Country Cycle Sport to claim their gift cards! How much are they worth? SO MUCH WE CAN’T SAY ONLINE!

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