New Podcast Up On Mountain Bike Radio

You’ve probably already memorized every delicious word, but in case you were under a rock today, we made a new podcast.

Right on schedule, as always, kolo t.c. hoped back on the pod-wagon for a near-the-end-of-the-season podcast. Couched at Chez Barrons this time, Tim and I covered a lot of topics, including Cross the Bay, the best pro kit designs, what makes a good sock, and how much Cody is too much Cody. Without ruining the others, it’s safe to say we’ve gone over the Cody-quota by about a felony’s worth.

All of the podcasts are now up over at Mountain Bike Radio,  which consists of some wonderful human beings and 97% of the talking heads of the sport. Other shows like “The Dirt With Drew Edsall” and “Just Riding Along” are more professional, more on-topic and much shorter than the kolo podcast, and are definitely worth your time. However, if you still need your daily dose of Vitamin C(ody), click right about here to check out “The kolo t.c. Report”.

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