Base Mile Blast Competition Update: Korienek Is King


With the competition at the half-way point, the contenders have pulled away and the leader looks almost assured the win. Where do you rank?

After two weeks of riding, the miles have piled up in the Gent’s Club Challenge. Piggy-backing as gracefully as possible on the Strava Base Mile Blast, the Gents have put in some serious time on the bicycle, especially for January in the Mitten.

The Grand Rapids and Detroiters enjoyed the advantage of less snow over week one, and Dan Korienek and David Hirt came out swinging. Jeff Payn steadily closed the gap to Hirt, but the “Too Easy To Use” duo of Payn and Hirt have lost ground to Korienek. The Pride of Elsie, Michigan now has a 100 mile advantage over Yours Truly, with Hirt and Payn not far off from there. No doubt Brockmiller Elite Endurance will be proud to have  two riders inside the top fifteen, including one in second place.

The Grayling Giant, Jorden Wakeley, leads the way for Einstein Racing, slotting in at 6th place thus far. His miles are especially impressive considering they are almost exclusively on fat bikes and at fat bikes races as he gears up for the Fat Chance! race this Sunday and the Fat Bike World Championships in two week’s time.

Wakeley’s Einstein Racing teammate Bennet Paul is behind him in seventh with the world-famous Alex Gonzales in sixth.

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Einstein Cycles. Korienek will have a wonderful time riding to TC to get it, certainly.

Here’s the top ten, with full standings available here. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.25.48 AM

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