In Which We Fight Cancer…


Join in on St. Baldrick’s Day and save the world. 

St. Baldrick’s is an organization dedicated to ending cancer in children. There is arguably no less ambitious goals on earth. By providing treatment and funding research for types of cancers that target children, St. Baldrick’s is hoping to add decades of happy, healthy life to thousands of kids stricken with the disease each year.

Almost surprisingly, youth cancer is vastly under-funded, getting roughly 4% of the dollars spent on research in the US. You can change that. kolo t.c. will be on hand at Jolly Pumpkin Friday, March 15, to partake in a head-shaving fundraiser. Yours Truly, along with other heroes, will shave their ends to raise money for this noble cause.

You can find out more at St. Baldrick’s website, and be sure to donate just a bit to the kolo t.c. page. If you’d like a free haircut, join the team, raise some money on your own and stand alongside children who are fighting for their lives.


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