A Few Good Questions With Bennett Paul


“A Few Good Questions” returns for 2013, starting with rising phenom Bennett Paul of Einstein Racing. Ben’s performances last year, regardless of results, were marked by tenacity, talent, and a constant smile. The Central Michigan University student spends his summers working at Einstein Cycles, training and wearing smart-looking clothes.  The youngster is also the Co-Founder and Official Viceroy of Team Yellow, a rag-tag group of heroes that wear Hi-Vis year ’round. Ben has been selected as a Project2013 Athlete to Watch.

1. First off, who are you? That’s asked in a philosophical sense, sure, but where are you from, what do you do, who do you care about and what do you enjoy?

My name is Bennett Paul, son of Durance Paul and I hale from the Great North. I grew up in the woods near a little tourist town in the U.P. called St.ignace.
I am a college kid who loves to ride/race bicycles and live the cyclist life style. I am also an amateur sports photographer, cycling knickers designer, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.
I race everything I can (road, mountain, Cyclocross, alley cats) because I haven’t found my absolute favorite cycling discipline yet and I don’t think I ever will because they are all so amazing. I race for Team Einstein and also Team Yellow.

2. What got you into biking? What got you into racing? What is your proudest two-wheeled achievement?

When I was just a young wiper snapper I had to cross train for hockey in the summer. I had this old hybrid GT bicycle and I started riding it, I wanted to go faster and faster and faster, I eventually upgraded to a 1974 Fuji road bike and I rode it into the ground and bought a specialized Allez and told my parents I wanted to race because I wanted to be fast and beat everyone I could, little did I know it was hard to beat other people and I’m still working on being fast and beating other people.
I’m not sure if you can call this an achievement but my proudest two-wheeled achievement is back in the day when I was 10 I raced BMX, I was in first place and I went around a banked turn and this kid clipped my rear wheel and I hit the deck hard, but I got up and finished the race. Morale of the story I learned to not give up.
3. What kind of bike(s) are you riding? Do they have names?

I have a bunch of bicycles but ill keep the list short and only name the important ones.
Road- Focus Cayo 1.0
Mountain- Orbea Alma 29er
Cyclocross – Kona Jake
And last but not least my 1990 Fuji fixie
4. What are your big goals for 2013? Who do you want to beat this year?

My big goals for 2013 are to upgrade to Cat 3 and dominate the mountain bike scene. Also to beat John Leach in any type of race and to beat Ryan Kennedy in the Thursday night ride.
5. What is your favorite place to ride in the world? In Michigan?

My favorite place to ride is this ski/tubbing hill in my home town. It has the steepest vertical climbing that I have ever experienced; it makes my legs burn like crazy.

6.  If you had to compare yourself to a pro, who would you pick?

If I had compare myself to a pro I would probable say Andy Schleck only because we both have skinny legs.

7. Who is your favorite person to ride with?

This is a tough one to answer because there isn’t a person that I enjoy riding with more than another person. I guess I’ll answer this question by saying anyone who wants to ride with me.

8. If you could design a bike race in Michigan, where would the finish line be? Who would you have as podium girls? (Celebrities are in play)

The finish line would be at the end of the Mackinaw Bridge (the St.ignace side) and as far as podium girls I would choose Julie Krasniak and Emily Batty because it would be fun to watch Cody Sovis go completely all out (1000%) to get a kiss from the two of them. Also I have a crush on Julie (who doesn’t).

9. Thank somebody:

I’d like to say thanks to Einstein Cycles, Highgear sports, KoloTc, John Leach for really pushing and inspiring me to ride more, and anyone else who has helped me along the way.

10. Any last words?

“go with the flow and be happy” Bennett Paul
Also long live Kolotc


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