D2 Labs’ Segment Hunter: Shirts, Segments and Broken Dreams


Segment hunting is a pretty big deal. And it just got bigger.

Yours Truly used to own nearly every Strava KOM in the Mitten just two years ago. The fledgling GPS site was still getting followers way back in 2011, and the big climbs were just beginning to draw an extra loop every few rides.

Now, the Once and Future King is buried deep on the overalls, sometimes well outside of the top ten. The problem? Segment Hunters. While they’ve certainly knocked off TOAFK, Segment Hunting has become a competition, even a lifestyle, all its own.

The wonderful minds at D2 Labs have put together a t-shirt line that is going to be featured throughout the season. We’ll select a number of races on the Top Banana Competition to select world-famous climbs at races like Barry-Roubaix, the Lowell 50, Mud, Sweat and Beers, Peak2Peak and plenty more. The official climbs will be announced as the races near, but the Eye of the Tiger Climb at Barry-Roubaix will be the first on the schedule. You can look at what you’re up against here.

The Segment Hunter idea came after the D2 Labs boys got a batch of half-mocking, half-apologetic emails that they’d lost KOMs on a local route. The idea was born. D2 is working on a line of Segment Hunter t-shirts for those proud of their achievements. And they are pretty big achievements, too. Something to hang an entire career on, even.

You can help D2 get the ball rolling by donating to their Kickstarter, checking out their fancy new website,  and check out their video below.

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