Einstein Racing Nabs Barry-Roubaix Team Competition


The new Team Competition came down to depth and some very important selections early. 

Einstein Racing confirmed their pedigree with a dominate showing in the Barry-Roubaix’s team competition. The event had a lot of firsts in 2013, including a new start/finish venue in Hastings, plus the Team Competition. For teams looking to keep sponsors happy, knocking down a team title in one of the biggest races of the year is a big coup.

Einstein’s success came not just on the big names you’d expect, but on some up-and-coming riders that are looking to have massive seasons. Aside from Jorden Wakeley’s solid 14th place to lead the team, Ryan Bolin came in at 17th. Bolin’s result may have been the most impressive and surprising of the entire top ten, but it would have been nothing without the efforts of John Leach (37th) Chris Fisher (41st), and Chris Kushman (53rd). Mickey Humpula clocked in 73rd, with Bennett Paul battling his way to finish just outside the top 100. Chelsea Strate took 17th as well, putting the team average at  The team’s big win was doubled up with Mackenzie Woodring’s complete devastation of the women’s field, and her 3:07 time would have put her comfortably in the men’s top fifty. Woodring’s exhibition was the icing on the cake and certainly sets the tone for the women’s scene this year.

Sammy’s Bikes took second, in no small part due to some solid riding from Hogan Sills, Dustin Morici, Eric Blankinship, Kyle Selph and Brian Kulak. Sean Metz held on to register a 3:38, which was enough to give the team a shot at the title. Jenna Rutkowski carried the flag in the Women’s division.

Third place team RBS Cycling Team’s success rested on a lumping of five riders coming in under 3:20, and two under the three hour mark. Ron Caitlin, Greg Kuhn, Jason Buccellato, Kelly Sugg and Rob Selle came in under 3:20. The team impressed, and on a day where riders cracked like twigs over the frozen potholes, having such a consistent finish is a big testament to the team.

Hagerty Racing finished up fourth due to the efforts of Craig Webb, Wes Sovis, Cody Sovis and Nick Wierzba. The team had looked to start almost the entire Master’s team, but didn’t start a total of six riders that were preregistered. Rather than feel the pressure, the team responded with all their racers finishing the grueling event. Lauri Brockmiller was the only women’s starter and rode to fifth place, and her 3:37 held Hagerty’s time up to 3:29:01, over seven minutes ahead of fifth.

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