Welcome To Barry-Roubaix Week 2013

Barry Roubaix 2012-1

It’s become one of the biggest, most prestigious races on the calendar in just a handful of years. It’s what makes you dust your bike off and work, and race, and brave the elements over some of the most challenging roads in the Mitten. 

The 2013 Barry-Roubaix is already shaping up to be the most legendary editions yet, and it’s still five days away. The cold weather, ice, mud and cold temperatures will put this race on an entirely different level than it has ever achieved before. Keep pedaling. Don’t give up. This is the type of race you’ll be proud to stay you were a part of for years to come.

This week, kolo t.c. is dedicated to bringing you the latest from Hastings, including as much course information as can be had, Men’s and Women’s predictions, in-race challenges and a whole lot more. Check the site each day for all things Barry-Roubaix, plus a special message Friday to get you even more sleepless before the big day.

Today, we take a quick look at the ancient 29er vs. CX bike dilemma. With road conditions absolutely dismal over the weekend, more and more riders are saying that a 29er could be the way to go. The mud and ice have completely changed the look of the course and the dynamics of the race, and the 29er may be the more stable option. For those racing the 36 mile, the lack of long stretches of pavement in 2013 mean the disadvantage of a 29er isn’t nearly as apparent. For the longer 62, there’s more asphalt and more reason to favor a ‘cross bike. Riding mud tires on either bike could be a smart move.

After the weekend, there’s serious reason to believe the two-track sections are almost certainly going to be cut out. Sager and Shaw were decisive in 2012, but considering that neither come sooner than halfway means they wouldn’t have been as selective this year, and the grind of miles before would have already done a lot to sort out the leaders. The course should be hard enough, and expect to see riders in all the distances dropping like so many flies.

PLEASE use the kolo t.c. Facebook page to write your course reports and share photos. Stay tuned all week, this is going to be buckets of fun.

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  1. Ice doesn’t make a race on a better/higher level… it makes it stupid to ride. You can share the stories of your broken collar bone for years to come

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