2013 Rust Shaker Preview: Wakeley Does Double Duty


The Rust Shaker is back for one of the most underrated races in the state. 

Jorden Wakeley of Einstein Racing leads the charge at the Rust Shaker Mountain Bike Race. The first of two races put on at Mid-Michigan Community College each year, the Rust Shaker make its appearance on its postponed snow date of April 27. With the Cannonsburg Spring Classic pushed back to the end of May, it’s a great shot for racers looking for a last chance to tune form ahead of Mud, Sweat and Beers just a week later.

The small race has a solid, dedicated following for this race and late June’s Sweat Shaker as well. Sweat Shaker was added to the Championship Points Series, which makes Rust Shaker a great chance to preview the 13 mile loop on the Mid Michigan campus.

It’s been called “the truest mountain bike race” in the state by the legendary Joe Sovis. Overall, it’s very well put together, though the trail itself is rough. The Official Brother of kolo t.c. last year rode the two lap version of the race and said he was more sore the next day than during his time as an undersized linebacker in high school. Really undersized. His standing comment on the course is a terse warning to everyone flirting with making a start: “Bloody taint. I’m a grown ass man. I wanted to get off and quit with five miles to go. By the end, I was almost in tears.”

The Elite race should be Wakeley vs. The World, though Scott Doment could certainly find himself in contention. Matt LeVassuer is also returning, and should have a solid chance at a podium. Wakeley will make his second start of the weekend at Pontiac XC on Sunday.

The Women’s race is open, though there’s a chance more women will step up and take the line by Saturday. Registration is still open, so sign up and race your bicycle.

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