2013 Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: Anderson Consolidates


The 2012 winner is looking for a challenge, and few riders seem able to give him one as of yet. 

It’s still early goings, but Mike Anderson is already on his way to leading the Top Banana Competition from end to end as his did in 2012. His dominate performance alongside teammate Nate Williams at the Lowell 50 certainly looked like a parade after only 40 minutes of racing, and the duo cruised home to go 1-2 in the B race.

Worth ten points, it’s a solid check in the bank that gives him a comfortable lead early in the year. Matt Light is six points down at 19 after two great races at Barry-Roubaix and Lowell. He’ll be a solid challenger, though it may be difficult to make up much ground on the road.

The next chance for points is the Queen’s Day Crit, and if Anderson and the BISSELL boys decide not to take the line, it may be an excellent chance to make up some ground. The biggest opportunity on the horizon will be Mud, Sweat and Beers May 4, a race that Anderson skipped last year. That opened up doors for Jorden Wakeley, and might do again this year if Anderson targets the Cone Azalia the day after instead of the mountain bike race.

Wakeley currently sits at seven points, but like the other mountain bike racers, the points for them come late in the fall. To stand a chance, however, they will need to rack up as many as possible early to have a chance at taking the victory come December.

Mike Anderson 24
Matt Light 19
Justin Lindine 15
Jordan Diekema 13
Robert Foshag 12
Alex Vanias 12
Steve Broglio 10
Ron Catlin 10
Nate Williams 9
Hogan Sills 9
Matt Acker 7
Dustin Morici 7
Jorden Wakeley 7
Dan Korienek 6
Tom Linck 5
Matt Silvia 5
Mike Simonson 3
Craig Gietzen 5
Derek Graham 4
Scott Quiring 4
Shawn Davison 3
Nate Versluis 3
Jason Lowetz 3
Mickey Humpula 2
Dan Lam 2
Thomas Beebe 2
Ryan Kennedy 2
Mike Jones 1
Greg Kuhn 1
Andy Holly 1
Cody Sovis 1

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