2013 Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: Brockmiller Takes The Lead


If Woodring takes it in December, at least the rivals will be able to say she didn’t do it easily. 

After one start and a ten minute win at Barry-Roubaix, Mackenzie Woodring did not start the Lowell 50 Saturday. Instead, a new cast of favorites were scattered in amongst the men’s racers, and it wasn’t until late that night that anyone knew with certainty who’d won.

Due to results glitches, not a single age group run down of the women’s group was available. So, while most of the fans left knowing Wendy had won, the rest of it was up in the air. The most important points of the day were registered by Hagerty Racing’s Lauri Brockmiller. After scoring at Barry-Roubaix, her nine points bumped her to 20 on the season, five ahead of Woodring. The pair will have a lot on the line if they both take starts at the Queen’s Day Criterium, and will certainly lock horns at Mud, Sweat and Beers May 4.

Chelsea Strate of Einstein Racing also did enough to hop up from fifteenth to sixth with her efforts at Lowell, a promising position considering Einstein’s 2012 Top Banana winner, Johanna Schmidt, has yet to make a Banana start in 2013. She’ll be back in time to make a run at MSB, and may look to race at Conquer the Village two weeks later in a bid to close the gap up from races missed. Zoe Reeves, Amanda Ryan and Kaitlyn Patterson are all considered great racers to contend with on the year, giving Einstein strength in numbers.

Amy Stauffer is another non-starter in 2013, and might well rue missed chances at Barry-Roubaix and Lowell if she doesn’t sweep the road calendar in June.

Lauri Brockmiller 20
Mackenzie Woordring 15
Kim Chapman 14
Samantha Brode 13
Janet Edwards 12
Chelsea Strate 11
Wendy Zamzow 10
Stephanie Swan 10
Victoria Steen 9
Michael Mihelich 8
Elizabeth Hiser 8
Katie Mann 7
Molly Wolf 7
Sarah Fredrickson 6
Melissa Colflesh 5
Kristen Arnold 5
Mindy Fernando 4
Jane Van Hof 4
Melissa Ryba 4
Merry Van Der Lind 3
Gabriella Sterne 3
Maddi Miller 3
Angie O’Brien 2
Kathy Roche-Wallace 2
Christina Peek 2
Gail Ranville 1
Elizabeth So 1
Michelle Ryan 1

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