May The Power Of Batty Be With You This Weekend


The world’s most adorable human being raced her bike at Sea Otter. 

It’s a big weekend in Michigan, and kolo t.c. wants you at your very best. Get your openers in. Eat your toast. Sip your chocolate milk. Watch Emily Batty be ridiculously awesome on film.

The best of luck to everyone racing the Willow TT tomorrow, as well as the mountain bikers hitting it hard at Rust Shaker. kolo t.c. will have a race recap up tomorrow evening from Rust Shaker, shooting to be finished by 6pm. That’s world record pace, but, dream big.

The next stop is the Queen’s Day Criterium Sunday, with a post finished for Monday morning, with a full photo gallery, some video, and even post race interviews and outtakes from the Einstein Racing van. (Thanks for the lift, guys). Good luck to everyone heading to Pontiac, as well.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your legs. Believe in your training. Believe in your bike.

Don’t get hurt, you have to work on Monday.

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