2013 Men’s Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: BISSELL Puts Four In Top Five


The most impressive team of the season thus far is cleaning up in the Top Banana Competition. 

It seems no matter the race or competition, BISSELL has the firepower to load up the top of the leaderboard. Even with Mike Anderson busy elsewhere, the team managed to bump two more riders into the top ten overall after going 1-2 at Queen’s Day Criterium on Sunday.

Nate Williams’ win was thrilling enough, but Jordan Diekema’s last second acceleration to nip a flying Ryan Cross on the line for second place put the capper on a stellar race for BISSELL. It was one of the most exciting races in recent memory, with BISSELL and Einstein Racing going move-for-move, man-to-man for the full hour and ten minutes. BISSELL’s 2/3 of the podium also gave them some valuable points in the Competition, which was much overdo for an updating.

With Alex Vanias and Derek Graham in for Mud, Sweat and Beers this weekend, BISSELL has a good chance at taking a big haul in Traverse City. Jorden Wakeley has won here before, but he hasn’t gone against solid riders and teammates and come away with a win. It’ll be one of the biggest tests of the Giant of Grayling so far this season. Check back for a full race preview.

Here’s the updated Top Banana Competition standings after Queen’s Day Criterium:

Mike Anderson 24
Matt Light 19
Jordan Diekema 17
Nathan Williams 16
Justin Lindine 15
Robert Foshag 12
Alex Vanias 12
Steve Broglio 10
Ron Catlin 10
Hogan Sills 9
Matt Acker 7
Dustin Morici 7
Jorden Wakeley 7
Dan Korienek 6
Tom Linck 5
Matt Silvia 5
Mike Simonson 3
Craig Gietzen 5
Derek Graham 4
Scott Quiring 4
Ryan Cross 3
Shawn Davison 3
Nate Versluis 3
Jason Lowetz 3
Adam York 2
Mickey Humpula 2
Dan Lam 2
Thomas Beebe 2
Ryan Kennedy 2
Cory Stange 1
Mike Jones 1
Greg Kuhn 1
Andy Holly 1
Cody Sovis 1

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