2013 Women’s Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: Brockmiller Takes A Break


With none of the Top Banana leaders taking advantage of the Queen’s Day Criterium, a handful of hopefuls picked up points for later on down the road. 

Janelle Cole’s win in Holland Sunday was a big one, signaling her as a contender once the full roster of Michigan races appears in June for the packed race schedule. With Queen’s Day a C race in its first edition, she’ll have five points toward the overall victory come November. Without mountain bike starts, she’ll look to figure into the top half of the table, which would be an impressive achievement for the young phenom.

The top fifteen of the overall stays untouched, but that is sure to change after this Saturday’s sold out Mud, Sweat and Beers. With the defending champion, Johanna Schmidt, skipping the race, and Mackenzie Woodring also not in attendance, Competition leader Lauri Brockmiller has a golden chance to pick up full points and a prestigious win in her hometown. In face, the entire Hagerty team stands to profit, including powerhouse time trialist Melissa Ryba, fresh off a CAT 3 TT win at Fisk Knob and a solid training block in North Carolina alongside New Holland Brewery Cycling Team’s Kim Thomas.

Here are the standings after Queen’s Day Criterium:

Lauri Brockmiller 20
Mackenzie Woordring 15
Kim Chapman 14
Samantha Brode 13
Janet Edwards 12
Chelsea Strate 11
Wendy Zamzow 10
Stephanie Swan 10
Victoria Steen 9
Michael Mihelich 8
Elizabeth Hiser 8
Katie Mann 7
Molly Wolf 7
Jane Van Hof 7
Sarah Fredrickson 6
Janelle Cole 5
Melissa Colflesh 5
Kristen Arnold 5
Sarah Demerly 4
Mindy Fernando 4
Melissa Ryba 4
Merry Van Der Lind 3
Gabriella Sterne 3
Maddi Miller 3
Alicia Trevino 2
Angie O’Brien 2
Kathy Roche-Wallace 2
Christina Peek 2
Joann Cranson 1
Gail Ranville 1
Elizabeth So 1
Michelle Ryan 1

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