2013 Women’s Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: Brockmiller Builds A Lead


Brockmiller is joined in the top five by a pair of Hagerty teammates. 

Lauri Brockmiller piled on another great result at Mud, Sweat and Beers and pulled down full points in the process. She’s been a fixture at a number of races on the Programme this spring and hasn’t just been there, she’s been at the front. Barry-Roubaix, Lowell 50 and MSB have added up to a full 40 points and it’s only May.

With Mackenzie Woodring and Johanna Schmidt skipping, it was a day for the Hagerty squad to grab up points in bunches. In the end, the course was the worst enemy on the day, as Bridgit Widrig took a wrong turn that cost her the victory. The Hagerty duo played it cool afterwards, and there won’t be a Froome/Wiggins dilema at the Hagerty House this summer.

Einstein Racing will look to answer in the next four races. Conquer the Village is local, followed by three straight road events at West Branch, Mt. Pleasant and Cherry-Roubaix. To contest by the end of the season, Woodring and Schmidt will have to take full points in those races and hope to put some daylight between themselves and the Hagerty trio in the process. Nothing short of Woodring’s dominate performance of 2012 is going to put them back on top. Top Banana, that is.

Einstein is leaning heavily on Chelsea Strate as the spring draws to a close. Her fourth place finish Saturday moved her up to second place in the Competition, twelve points shy of Brockmiller and six points clear of Melissa Ryba. Kati Krikke is up to fifth place, and she’ll be a solid bet looking at the fall mountain bike races.

The Programme returns May 25th at Conquer the Village. Five points could be a great stepping stone for a rider looking to make a run at the top five late in the year.

Here’s the updating standings after Mud, Sweat and Beers:

Lauri Brockmiller 40
Chelsea Strate 28
Melissa Ryba 22
Bridgit Widrig 19
Kati Krikke 16
Erin Disterheft 15
Mackenzie Woordring 15
Amanda Schaap 14
Kim Chapman 14
Samantha Brode 13
Janet Edwards 12
Wendy Zamzow 10
Stephanie Swan 10
Victoria Steen 9
Michael Mihelich 8
Elizabeth Hiser 8
Katie Mann 7
Molly Wolf 7
Jane Van Hof 7
Sarah Fredrickson 6
Janelle Cole 5
Melissa Colflesh 5
Kristen Arnold 5
Sarah Demerly 4
Mindy Fernando 4
Merry Van Der Lind 3
Gabriella Sterne 3
Maddi Miller 3
Alicia Trevino 2
Angie O’Brien 2
Kathy Roche-Wallace 2
Christina Peek 2
Joann Cranson 1
Gail Ranville 1
Elizabeth So 1
Michelle Ryan 1

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