Einstein Cycles Presents: The Speed of Light Giro Competition


This one makes the Speed of Light Ride even more awesome than it already is. Which is, as you may have guessed, substantially awesome. 

For four weeks in May, the Speed of Light Ride is a stage race normal people can actually partake in. One day a week, for four weeks, with a general classification updated at the conclusion of each stage. For free.

Einstein Cycles’ popular Speed of Light ride will have its second running tomorrow night. The ride leaves the shop at 6.30pm, or the VASA 25km Parking lot at 6.45. Riders will do one lap of the 25km loop, minus Jack Pine, leaving as one for a race-quality, elbow-to-elbow, torturous trip of 1,000 feet of climbing. The times range from 38 minutes to an hour and ten minutes, with no man left behind once riders hit the start/finish area.

The series will feature well over a dozen riders from the Traverse City area, and some imports as well. There’s no cost to register, keep your own time, and the winner will receive a pink Beefy-T for their efforts.

The series will run each Thursday starting May 9, concluding on May 30th. kolo t.c. will provide updated standings and reports through the month.

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