2013 Women’s Top Banana Competition: Brockmiller Still In Charge

Carter’s Compost presents another update on Michigan’s premiere fruit-themed cycling competition. 

For Competition leader Lauri Brockmiller, less may be more as the season turns toward the mountain bike and cyclocross races in late summer and fall. She sat out the Boyne Marathon Saturday with her attentions squarely on the X100 on August 24th.

Endurance stud Danielle Musto entered as a heavy favorite, with the Boyne course, the heat and long distance suited her style of racing. Unfortunately, a series of mechanicals cost her time, enough, it turned out, to concede the win to the persistent Patricia DeVost. Patricia picks up full points for a B race, giving her ten clams in the bucket with a slew of big mountain bike races on the horizon. She’ll have chances to move well up the overall, especially if she slots in for a cyclocross race or two along the way. With few of the contenders voicing interest in starting cyclocross races, riders like former leader Chelsea Strate may be able to collect points for the pocket heading into November.

Brockmiller and teammate Bridgit Widrig control their own destinies, but it may not be over yet. Strate could take enough points in cyclocross to breach the podium, perhaps at the expense of teammate Zoe Reeves. The next race in the series is the 50 mile gravel road race at the X100, with gravel racing being one of Strate’s specialties. It’ll be interesting to see if the 15 points, -1 to the top 15 are enough of a draw to attract the likes of Reeves, Musto, Hagerty’s Melissa Ryba or Einstein’s 2012 and 2013 state road race champion, Mackenzie Woodring.

Here are the standings after Boyne Marathon:

Lauri Brockmiller 60
Bridgit Widrig 56
Zoe Reeves 36
Melissa Ryba 34
Chelsea Strate 31
Sarah Demerly 31
Amanda Schaap 28
Dori Lieb 20
Alicia Trevino 20
Kayla Starr 20
Jane Van Hof 20
Amy Stauffer 19
Marie Dersham 16
Kati Krikke 16
Erin Disterheft 15
Mackenzie Woordring 15
Kim Chapman 14
Samantha Brode 13
Janet Edwards 12
Danielle Mullis 11
Patricia DeVost 10
Angela Bowers 10
Wendy Zamzow 10
Stephanie Swan 10
JoAnn Cranson 10
Danielle Musto 9
Victoria Steen 9
Bobbie Liegl 8
Michael Mihelich 8
Elizabeth Hiser 8
Summer Olmstead 7
Kathy Kirk 7
Katie Mann 7
Molly Wolf 7
Keri Sederberg 6
Sarah Fredrickson 6
Janelle Cole 5
Melissa Colflesh 5
Kristen Arnold 5
Mindy Fernando 4
Merry Van Der Lind 3
Gabriella Sterne 3
Maddi Miller 3
Rachel Decker 3
Angie O’Brien 2
Kathy Roche-Wallace 2
Christina Peek 2
Gail Ranville 1
Elizabeth So 1
Michelle Ryan 1

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