2013 Big M Resurrection: Vanias Flys, Stephens Rolls

It was a fast race on a perfect day in Wellston, and all was right with the world. 

Alex Vanias took a handsome win Sunday at the Big M Resurrection. The BISSELL rider brought the on-road battle to the dirt, dueling much of the day with Einstein Racing’s Tom Burke, who was second on the day.

A week after clouds and rain drenched riders on the same course, Sunday’s race was simply brilliant. Drenched only in sunshine and perfect temperatures, the racing was aggressive early, with the Pro men coming to bits the first time climbing toward Double Bit. It wasn’t long until Burke and Vanias established themselves as the men to beat on the day, separating to a big lead with two laps to go. The course was roughly six miles in length, and the pair were simply soaring up the long grind and the numerous rollers and pitches afterwards.

Sue Stephens put on one of her clinics in the Women’s race, peeling away early, leaving teammate Erin Vicary to keep eyes on affairs behind. Stephens was consistent each lap, even putting her foot down to make her last circuit her fastest. She was four minutes quicker than Erin Disterheft, with teammate Vicary in coming in third. Melissa Colflesh was fourth on the day.

Vanias’ win came against a small but fast Elite field, with Burke just 30 seconds behind. Greg Kuhn was third, with the Pride of Elsie, Dan Korienek, fourth place. Paul Borden was fifth to round out the top five, with Logan Taylor just out of touch in sixth.

Next on the agenda is Ore2Shore, next weekend. A lot of these faces, and a few thousand others, will be in the U.P. gunning for the O2S title.

The full gallery from Beginner and Sport is here. 

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