Women’s World Cup Replay


Oh, Canada. Check out the full replay. 

It’s the return of Julie Bressett to top form, and along with Emily Batty, back in North America as well. The Frenchwoman is edging her way back to her unbeatable self, though it’s not quite there yet. Emily Batty managed well in her home race, and she’s working toward the World Championships (and potentially a return to the Iceman Cometh) by year’s end.

One of ride’s of the day goes to the very Czech Katerina Nash. An absolute brilliant display, she’s on great form and has been a factor in nearly every start this season. She recovered from a 25 second deficit on the first lap to claw her way to the front of the race.

Georgia Gould, Lea Davison and Mary McConalaugh all went for great rides in the top twenty, including Davison in 5th.

Check out the full, on-demand replay right here.


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