Cross the Bay Cyclocross Points Standings


Cross the Bay is just one race young, but the favorites are already established for the points chase. 

Built to reward women’s racing in the state, the ladies operate on the same points scale as the men. They’re in with the same shot for the top prize, and Kim Chapman and Stacy Smith have established a solid presence at the top of the charts.

For riders that raced twice, they will not take both points, but do get a chance to take the higher total of their two races. Bennett Paul bagged an extra ten points by going for fifth in the A race, a tally that could well impact the overall come December 1.

Jorden Wakeley took top points ahead of Alex Vanias and Chad Wells, but all three will have to appear at the all the races to stand a chance by series’ end. Only a superhuman effort from Bennett Paul, winning the B race and taking fifth in the As, put them off the top three, though Paul is expected to target only the A race after taking such a big win.

Chapman is right where she needs to be, perfect on points and looking nearly untouchable. Stacy Smith also raced twice and nearly doubled her points haul to stay near the top.

The next race is Northmen Cross in Petoskey. The course suits the likes of Wells, Wakeley, Gibbs, Paul and Wes Sovis, though conditions could be a big influence.

Jorden Wakeley 100
Kim Chapman 100
Alex Vanias 90
Bobbie Liegl 90
Chad Wells 80
Tina Dominic 80
Trever Kingsbury 70
Stacy Smith 70
Bennett Paul 60
Jason Lowetz 50
Pam Bufe 50
Cody Sovis 40
Paul DeBeer 40
Betsy Schnell 40
Jacob Ellis 35
John Studer 30
Ross Gibbs 25
Jim Picotte 25
Brain Neely 20
Austin Johnson 20
Wes Sovis 15
Garrett Hein 15
James Capisciolto 10
Steve Schnell 10
Brandon Fernandez 9
Keith Conway 8
Thomas Welch 7
Dave Mann 6
Jason Luther 5
Steve Osborn 5
Yarro Ireland 4
Tim Pease 4
Rob Goepfrich 2
Tim Faas 1

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