Bigger Than A Race: For Ken

A tragic reminder of perspective.

kolo t.c. would like to take a moment of your time to ask you to remember and think of Ken Johnson, who passed away on the Iceman course Saturday. He was 43 years old and will always be loved by his wife and four children.

A swarm of racers stopped to help Ken when he was seen on the side of the course. CPR was administered, but no pulse was found and EMTs were unable to revive him, despite their very best efforts. The Iceman first aid team was on site quickly, but, even with fast medical support, Ken was gone.

It’s a sad but poignant time to reflect on bike racing and put it all into perspective. First or last, we need to be grateful for the ride and to be thankful for the opportunity to pursue a hobby that should only bring out the best in us. The cycling community is best represented at these times, and the people that stopped to try to help Ken deserve as much recognition as those who won or placed well Saturday. Indeed, the deserve so very much more.

Take nothing for granted, and the next time you pedal your bike, take a few minutes to slow down and think of Ken, his wife and family who loved him, of his riding pals that will mourn a dear friend and companion, and of the cycling community to which we all belong. We all lost a brother on Saturday. We lost a piece of our community and we are less whole as a result.

kolo t.c. will relay any donation efforts on the blog and Facebook when they are announced.

Spend time with your loved ones, ride somewhere beautiful, and make a friend on the road or trails. Take care of each other and remember that stopping to help someone is more important than anything, in life or in cycling.

And always, always, always, enjoy the ride.

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