Farmer’s Fat Bike Recap: No Surprises On Sloppy Day


The polar vortex ducked out in time for a tropical, soggy race Saturday, where fat biking’s big leaders were on form. 

It was business as usual for Jorden Wakeley (616) and Danielle Musto (Salsa/TwinSix) at Farmer’s Fat Bike race. The slop and wet conditions only played in favor of the two fat bike patrons, and their victories look to be just another stepping stone towards inevitability at Worlds in two weeks’ time. The three hour race format only gave the pair more time to stretch out their leads, and even racing with massive buffers, neither came off the gas until they were taken to the podium ceremonies.

Wakeley’s closest competition came from Freewheeler’s Matt Acker, but it wasn’t much to worry about. His margin was comfortable, a full lap ahead of Acker. Without the extra hour last week, only the top six were on the lead lap at Fat Chance!

Musto was two laps ahead of second, though that place was tightly contested with Christina Buerkle two minutes clear of Chelsea Strate (Einstein Racing), with Jill Martindale fourth (GRBC) and Stacy Smith fifth, with those two a further two laps down.

With two weeks to go until Worlds, it’s tough not to look at the race as one for second place for both the men’s and women’s titles. Einstein Racing kept the bulk of the men’s squad at home, but they’ll be forced to play their hand in the wake of the overwhelming favorites. Marquette’s own Evan Simula will be up for the challenge as well, and he’s shown some solid and steady improvement in the past two races.

Preparations will be in earnest, with a watchful eye on the weather as well. Last year, a steady snowfall slowed the course by the time the skiers were off. Conditions could play a big part in how much time Wakeley or Musto have at the end.

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