2014 Barry-Roubaix Recap: Broglio, Swan Take Titles


In grim, muddy conditions and a dull cold, there are new names atop the podium in Hastings. 

One is imported, and the other is imported from A2. Stephanie Swan and Steven Broglio both survived deep fields, deep mud and the grind of 62 long miles to win the 2014 edition of the Barry-Roubaix. Both had to take sprints all the way into the line, and the margins of victory in each race were as narrow as can be.

For Broglio, it was a gang of riders to contest the finish with, after he rode into town with two WAS Labs riders, Adam York and Shawn Adams, as well as BISSELL’s Dan Lam, 616’s Mike Simonson and Leadout’s Geoff Kuyper. The group had a comfortable gap of close to five minutes before the end came, and with plenty of room to wiggle with, it took some smart riding from Broglio to outwit the duo from WAS Labs. With Kuyper only just being tailed off before the line, and WAS riding with the most in the group, Broglio stretched himself to narrowly outpace York on the line. Lam was a second back, with Simonson a bike length behind, and Adams rounding out the top five.

Leadout was sixth with Kuyper, and it was a point of pride for teammate and race favorite Dan Korienek to win the field sprint for seventh. While they weren’t on the top step, WAS Labs dominated the top ten, with two more riders, Tom Burke and Aaron Cruikshank, in for ninth and tenth. Last year’s winner, Justin Lindine, was eighth on the day.

Mackenzie Woodring entered as a big favorite, but also on some tired legs. She piloted for her USA Paralympics tandem throughout the week, only jetting in like a hotshot just in time for Saturday. With some fatigue also came the advantage of great riding weather and training. She was up against Stephanie Swan, and like the men’s race, nothing in 62 miles could separate the pair. They came in to Hastings with an equally big gap, and Swan simply had the power to narrowly edge out the defending champion on the line. Swan, a Pittsburgh native, wins a massive victory, and the out-of-towners traveled well behind her. Danielle Smith, Sarah Szelfi and Victoria Steen rounded out a top five that went for an impressive sub-3:42 time, very fast in wet conditions.

A special shoutout to Tom Linck, who was the top placed Michigan rider in the 40+ race, which was won by that Robbie Ventura guy. Four riders from Illinois, one from Pennsylvania and one from Virginia all made the top ten in that group, showing just how big a deal this race is becoming nation-wide.

Full results, including the information from the 36 and 24 mile races, are available here. 

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