Speed of Light WorldTour: Vigland Queen, Andriese Also Sorta Queen

Joe takes a flier. Downhill.

Singlespeed and Ladies’ Night brought out some serious horsepower, lots of dynamic racing, and….fishnets.

The Battle of the Singlespeeds was an intimate affair, and almost uncomfortably so. Jason Whittaker and Eric Pollard toed the line for Einstein Racing, but it was Steve Andriese who turned heads with a Ladies’ Night inspired get-up. Sleeveless jersey (who needs sleeves anyway?) and blue fishnets were an obvious distraction technique, but knowing “Dr. Pain”, the fishnets also created a dimpled surface for air to flow over more efficiently. You may see that more often going forward, too, as it helped him set the fastest SS time of the night at 41:29. His teammate Brian Beauchamp was also eye-catching in a flattering kimono and matching skirt.

Susan Vigland entered as the big favorite for the women’s title, flanked by teammates Rachel Decker, Laura Webb and Michele Howard. She made the important splits over the Vasa CC Climb and Wood Chip Hill, holding on to keep a one minute gap over Laura Webb on the day. Her time was right on cue for what she’s put down in the past, a 45:05 on a course now truly turning to its summer-beach-deep-sand state. Her time could be tough to beat as the sand deepens, but she’ll be up for the challenge.

The battle for stage honors went to an on-form Keegan Myers. Without Ryan Kennedy, Sean Kickbush, or Jason Lowetz, Myers was the big favorite on the day and did much of the pace-making throughout the early climbs of the course, with Ty Schmidt and Craig Webb latched onto his wheel. Schmidt was riding to open some daylight between himself and Cody Sovis, with the pair entering the day separating by just 5 points in the WorldTour standings. As the lead group hit the Power Section, it was Myers on the front with Webb, Schmidt and Sovis there, as well as City Bike’s Tyler Kelly and Josh Zelinski. Sovis, Myers and Schmidt divvied up the workload, but the bulk of it fell to Myers, who rode like the patron of the day.

Myers eventually rolled of the front late, with Schmidt initially keeping pace before being gapped on Anita’s Hill. Tyler Kelly made a bid to bridge, but Sovis reeled in both with Zelinski and Webb still waiting to make their moves. Myers was safely away, and Sovis’ bid with 1 km to go lined it out, but Kelly ably whipped past for second place on the day. Zelinski was fourth, with Schmidt 5th, ceding a few points to Sovis on the WorldTour. Webb finished in the group, with Diabetic Aussie Justin Morris and Hagerty’s Tim Jenema a little over a minute back. Jason Whittaker bagged himself 24 points on the day, moving him into 3rd in the WorldTour with the Tour starting in just two weeks.

Next week is a bit of a break, with no points on offer, but the ride is still on. The SOL Tour Competition picks up on July 10. For more info about the biggest Grand Tour of the year, check this out.

Here are the updated WorldTour standings as of 6/27.

Ty Schmidt 58 16 15 16 105
Cody Sovis 42 14 28 18 102
Jason Whittaker 0 30 20 24 74
Ryan Kennedy 5 20 20 20 65
Jason Lowetz 36 26 62
Rob Goepfrich 40 8 4 4 56
Dave Bucholtz 35 35
Eric Pollard 35 1 36
Josh Zelinski 17 17 34
Jason Jones 30 30
Dave Mann 25 25
Steve Andriese 24 24
Keegan Myers 3 19 22
Chad Jordan 11 11 22
Don Marsh 20 20
Eli Brown 19 19
Tyler Kelly 19 19
Jimmy McKenna 10 9 19
Tom White 18 18
Susan Vigland 8 7 20 35
Eric Grassa 16 16
Heidi Jones 15 15
Craig Webb 15 15
Justin Morris 14 14
Ryan Kushman 9 5 14
Austin Johnson 8 6 14
TJ Jenema 13 13
Scott Luca 13 13
Shawn Luca 12 12
Mike Powers 12 12
James Padden 11 11
Mike Walters 9 2 11
Ken Peltier 7 4 11
Marc Brunette 10 10
Laura Webb 19 19
Langley Scherer 9 9
Lars Welton 8 8
Dave Walston 6 2 8
Brian Beauchamp 7 7
Keith Conway 6 1 7
Lauri Brockmiller 6 6
Jon Throop 5 1 6
Pete Worden 5 5
Rachel Decker 3 3
Trisha Manion 2 2
Matt Harris 1 1

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